Ever look at your life and wonder how you might change it? 

A key piece of wisdom - look at the habits of those you admire. After all, why would you attempt to emulate anything less?




Quite often, in our discussions with pastors and men’s leaders, we hear a common concern about men’s ministry. It usually goes something like this:

MdMen:              So, what kinds of opportunities does your church offer men?”

Pastor:                  “Well, we have a monthly breakfast that a few men come to, and there are a couple of good Bible studies going on. But, we only get a handful of men that participate compared to the number of men that attend our church.”

Most churches tell us that only ten percent of their men are involved in men’s ministry. Why is that?


By Chris Van Brocklin, Man in the Mirror’s Baltimore Area Director


I hate booting up my PC. It takes way to long, and I am too impatient to wait for it to do its thing. When I want to get to work, I want it immediately. After much anguish, I found out why it takes so long. Apparently, there are several programs in the operating system that need to start up and play in the background. If these are not allowed to start properly, they’ll likely become corrupted or dysfunctional and my work will suffer. So, I guess that I have to wait every time, like it or not.os2

Men’s ministry is very similar. In order to have a strong men’s ministry, your church’s “operating system” needs attention to be functional and corruption free.



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