Lets face it. Ministry to men is not easy. Like trying to herd cats. We need as many resources and ideas and support as we can get.

With over 6,000 churches in the state and very few of them having an effective men's ministry, the need is great. Many of the churches that have a few men meeting together have no larger vision and feel a certain isolation that comes from the separated nature of todays denominational culture. We want to begin to build a statewide network of men's ministry leaders.

Envision a day where there are ministry "Outposts" across the state that are each mentoring and supporting the churches in their area to reach the men of their congregations. Envision a day where men travel between churches to support their brothers at a ministry event they've organized.

The driving force behind the Maryland Coalition of Men's Ministries is Jesus in the hearts of men. Nothing more, nothing less. Not that I have an exclusive connection with Him but I do have a new life, a new family and a new purpose - something I could not have imagined even 7 years ago. My hearts desire is to be used by God in helping other men find what their life has been missing.

I am 52 years old, married to a wonderful woman and proud step-father to 2 great kids in their early-mid 20's. I am a self-employed biochemist (Virusys Corporation), I love to read, hike, camp and travel. Since I accepted Christ as my Savior, my wifes faith has blossomed, my marriage has become everything I wished it could be, several members of our family have found their faith and I have found a purpose and passion that far exceeds anything this world could ever offer. It is truly a wonderful life! 


Have you read "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge?  John describes the typical path of a "responsible man" who goes to school, gets a great job, gets married, has kids, and participates in his local church . . . and is bored to tears.  John reminds us that God gave us incredible skills and opportunities so that we may participate in the adventure of living for Him.  If you're bored, you're not on the front line.  I am very excited to work with Scott, Chris, and James and the many other men who are far more experienced with Men's Ministry than I am.

I seek to make a difference where I live, here in the heart of Baltimore.  I long for God's rain here in the desert.  I long to grow with other men who don't fear following the Lord into hopeless battles, trusting Him against ridiculous odds, and seeking every opportunity to rescue men from the many lies  that lead to captivity. 

Chris Van Brocklin2.jpgChris hails from Central New York State. He was born in Syracuse and graduated from the SUNY Oswego with a BA in elementary education. Chris taught in the public school system for ten years and then spent fifteen years as a marketing and sales representative in the paper and packaging industry.

In 1998, Chris was called to develop a disciple making men's ministry for the Evangelical Free Church of America and joined the National Ministries team at the EFCA National Office in Minneapolis, MN. Chris had been involved in developing an effective men's ministry at Faith EFC in Fort Collins, CO and served as Men's Ministries Director for the EFCA Rocky Mountain District before joining the EFCA Men's Ministries National Board of Directors in 1995. He was Vice President of that board in 1997, when asked to take on the new directorship assignment. Chris founded a new Men's Ministries emphasis called "Men With a Purpose" that assists churches as they strengthen their men's disciple making ministries.


I feel I am being called by God to work with leaders of men in full time ministry as a Christian men’s ministry consultant but I don't know when or how to go about leaving my current vocation.  I have a 12 yr old son, a 7 yr old daughter, and a more than full time vocation I was unmistakably called to by God for this current time working with Dept of Defense and Intelligence Community on mission execution and information management systems creating knowledge that, hopefully, saves lives of our troops in harms way protecting the Liberty and Freedom God wants us all to enjoy.  God has richly blessed me with a beautiful wife, these two children, as well as educational and job opportunities I could only have dreamed of as a lower middle class child raised on a farm in rural Texas.  I don't believe God is done with me in my current vocation just yet, but I feel that time may be coming within the next few years.  I don't know how to make the transition, but I believe God will make it clear when that time is right.  


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